Thursday, 30 September 2010

The European Day of Languages celebrated in our school ( Please wait and listen )

We celebrated The European Day of Languages in our school to singing songs.I made a fantastic program to show it.The songs file is about 2.8 mb so that we need about 1-3 minutes to loaded it.Have a nice listenning.


Valy said...

Hello, Raif!
I tried to watch your material but I think it's a mistake (double http ?)and I can't open it. With only one http it seems to be OK but it still doesn't open( I've been waiting for minutes now). Could you tell me what to do in order to watch it with my pupils?

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hello, Valerica!
Yes,you are right there was a mistake.Many thanks to you.I'm tested its working now.Yuo can hear a song from our pupils.Its about peace and brotherhood.Raif

Valy said...

Thanks, Raif! I could listen to the song! It's OK now. Tomorrow my students will listen to it too.

billabung said...

Hi, Raif!
Perhaps the videos are fantastic but I can't watch them. Have it got any problems with the loading? What can I do? Thanks!
Kind regards, Reny

Betina Astride said...

Reny's right. What can we do, Raif?
Please, help us.

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Dear all!
I tested it again.Link isn't broken, its working.There aren't a video at the link.There are an animations which i wrote with html, C++ code.Its like the above link but only song is differant.I hope you'll be hapy when oyu hear the song and i'll be enjoyed. Best regards.

Pınar said...

I listen.
thats sooo nice