Monday, 28 November 2011

Letter from Romania

Vally, we have received your letter today. Children are very glad, the director and colleagues too. I worked until late at night over this film, because I would like to share with you all happy moments immediately. Thanks Wally, thank Romanian friends. Warm hugs from Bulgaria!

Let's make this picture together

Animals song

Have you got any animalas song in your countries?

Thank you for cards

Dear friends and partners,
Thank you very much Betina, Svetla and Valerica for beautiful cards! My children were very happy ! You will receive at soon postcards from Lublin too.

Warm regards from SP 25 Lublin - POLAND

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oh Susanna!

Dear friends and partners,
Here is one of the most popular American folk songs. "Oh Susanna" is something like a country "anthem". Our children sing the song with pleasure. Enjoy it!
Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)

Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee,
I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death; Susanna, don't you cry.
Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me
For I come from Alabama,
With my banjo on my knee...

The old train

Once upon a time… There was an old train - rusty and dirty. He decided to make a long journey. He strained, it was very difficult to departed ... This is worth the effort because he saw many beautiful and forgotten places. He recalled the time when he was new and shiny train.

Children listened to a musical composition and drew this old train. Take a look at their drawings ...

We called this activity "Drawing on associations". Do you draw in your music classes?

Monday, 14 November 2011

Thanksgiving comes again!

Happy Thanksgiving Day on 24 November!
Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

We sing and draw for you

Please inform us when you receive our letters!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Saint Martinho

Today, we used to eat chestnutsa and we always remember the legend about a rider, Martinho, who offered an half of his jacket to a poor man. And at that moment, the clouds disappeared in the sky and a bright sun shined!
After that day, everyone call him Saint Martinho.

Magusto Slideshow: AVMN’s trip to Montemor-O-Novo (near Landeira), Alentejo, Portugal was created by TripAdvisor. See another Landeira slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

...and a girls band ;)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Be who you are

...just sharing a very nice song ;)

The Chameleon’s True Colors from Cornelius (Neels) Britz on Vimeo.