Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sa fim copii (Let us be children )

This song was used by Emilia for our school presentation. As I promised, I translated into English so all of you could understand what it was about. I also tried to write the lyrics as well as I could in order to be sung by our partners, if they wanted to.:)
These are the lyrics:
Time passes as the wind flies day after day / And we remember ourselves when we were kids/ Today as we're watching the children’s happy play / We feel that time is still and we all dream of it

Let us be children , one day , yes, one more/ Riding a toy horse in a merry-go-round/ Let us be children , one day , yes, one more / Happy to be in the childhood world.

Remember from time to time just for one day/ Our happiness when we were children/ Just laughing or running in the park ,oh, as we used to do / Or hopping the old hopscotch in the street again

Let us be children , one day , yes, one more/ Riding a toy horse in a merry-go-round/ Let us be children , one day , yes, one more / Happy to be in the childhood world.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

A record from Turkey

Grandfather Trichko

The song of Shumen’s children is called “Grandfather Trichko”... Grandfather Trichko sews caps of socks. He catches the crabs with a mustache. He stops the train with stick. He picks pears in boots. “Hey, this grandfather Trichko” - wonder children ... We offer our cheerful and playful song. We hope you enjoy it. We are very pleased when we sang it for you. Children from kindergarten № 1 Shumen, Bulgaria

Friday, 29 October 2010

Portuguese voices in training

This is an experience.
We promisse one thing: we will be back with music...

For now, just our voices in trainning.

Traditions and Traditions

In Portugal, we haven't Halloween for tradition.
But all the pupils already know it because there are a lot of publicity around it.

"Bread for God" (Pão por Deus) is a tradition that happens mostly at Lisbon area. Children ask for bread or dried fruit from home to home and say friendly spiels to those who give something and not friendly spiels for those who don't open their doors.
In our region, we don't celebrate "Bread for God".

We learn a little bit about different traditions and did a video about...

From Romania (Tecuci)

In this post, you can listen a welcome message from Valerica's class (Tecuci).
It will be also in Chisae Broadcast, on the right column.

Thanks you very much dear pupils and Valerica :-)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"Halloween" Poster
Kind regards, Reny

Bulgarian children celebrate Halloween...

Kind regards, Reny

Monday, 25 October 2010

My heart say

Eu amo-te
Te iubesc
Kocham cie
Seni seviyorum!
Obicham te
I love you!

Dear friends my heart want to say to you and to pupils these words. I hope pupils should be enjoy to say these words to various language.
I wish you to say nice words to all of around you, Raif
You can find more at this link:

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fun Halloween Song

Visit the website: and use some resources about Halloween...
Have a nice time with it!
Kind regards, Reny

Pumpkin Faces

For all of you...
Celebrate Halloween with funny Pumpkin Faces!
Many hugs, Reny

Idea for an activity on Halloween

I also used this song for little children. They liked it because it's easy, funny with gestures and costumes. We can teach some adjectives using this song too.Super Simple Songs are useful and children love all these songs.


In Romania we don't celebrate Halloween, but, of course we teach children songs during our English lessons. This is one of my student's favourite song for Halloween. It's good to teach parts of the body too. I hope you will enjoy it!

Turkey 2010 Olu Deniz, Fethiye and Hisaronu

I want to ask only that " How do we take advantage, utilize of these videos? "I don't want to comment.I don't mean anyone. I'm sorry all of you. Everyone can post videos here in this manner.Someone can tell me, how we use it at education of our pupils.
Best regards!

Turkey 2010 - Olu Deniz, Fethiye and Hisaronu from Roger Richards on Vimeo.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Thanks, Betty...

I'd like to thank you, Betty, about the great videos of Portuguese children on your blog, "Toca a musicar"! Congratulations! Be happy!
I'd like to say that I find out something interesting about your country, a beautiful song and some fantastic photos from Portugal. My children will be glad to watch the videos. Our partners, too.
Many hugs, Reny

Trick or Treat

Dear, friends! I'd like to suggest you one more song, "Trick or Treat". It's simple and funny, too. My students sing the song when they make your projects about Halloween. Hope that you will like it.
Many hugs, Reny
Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat,
Give us something good to eat,

If you don't, we don't care,
We'll put lettuce in your hair,

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat,
We love candy oh so sweet,

Each and every Halloween we all say


Five Fat Sausages

Dear Karen and all! "Five little pumpkins" is like the song "Five Fat Sausages". It's funny and the students love it. Look at the lyrics and listen to the song on:

Five fat sausages frying in a pan
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, one went bang

Four fat sausages frying in a pan etc.

Three fat sausages frying in a pan etc.

Two fat sausages frying in a pan etc.

One fat sausage frying in a pan
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, it went bang

Many hugs, Reny

Friday, 22 October 2010

Five Little Pumpkins

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
In Poland we don't celebrate HALLOWEEN but during English lessons children learn about this tradition.They like rhyme-time very much.

Let's celebrate Halloween...

Kind regards, Reny
PS: "Prezi" is fantastic tool for presentations! I suggest and hope that you will like it, too.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

About Halloween...

Hi, dear friends! One of the funniest celebration in Britain, Halloween /31 October- 1 November/ comes in the end of the next week. The children wear costumes of ghosts and witches, make pumpkin lanterns and say: "Trick or Treat". I'd like to share the song "Trick or Treat" which is suitable for this event. Hope that you will like and learn it with your students.
Warm wishes, Reny

Are we passionless team?

I saw silence at our blog.What happened to, was something? If there was one thing tell me, too. If there aren’t anything let’s watch this video.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Project Summary

For those who aren't up to date with our project, here it is a project summary.
Thanks to be our visitor.
We hope you will be a follow.

Dear friends

Congratulations Betina, congratulations team we must applaud ourselves. 1st version of our song is ready.I shared it at our alive radio.You can listen from now on.At this moment i'm saing many thanks to Betina's collegues.Who is a musik teacher and composed the song.Many many thaks all of you.Have a nice listenning.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


My school is a friendly school! tell students. You can read on their faces who have found joy in collaborative projects with new friends from all Europe.
Let's learn together the song: "Let be kids".

Emilia Popoiu - Lady Elena School -Tecuci

Children's Songs Across Europe- Lyrics

Kind regards, Betina, Reny

Song about forest

"Here's to the Romans"

Hi, dear all!
I'd like suggest you the song "Here's to the Romans" from Sing Up. When I went in England before two years, I visited the town of Bath. It's a beautiful small town in south- west part of Britain. The river Avon goes along nearby. The Roman name of Bath is Aqua Sulis because the town is famous with the warm mineral water.There is the Roman Bath, too. The British Jane Austen had been here and she had written many books. This song is simple but it can give us a lot of bathing information about the town so you can learn something interesting. Hope that your children will like it, too. You can visit the website:
and listen to the song.
Kind regards, Reny
PS:I wish you to visit this beautiful town and I send this photo of Bath:

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chisae eTwinning podcast

Dear friends,
I posted wellcome message to broadcast.Turn on power " botton over the Chisae Broadcasting symbol.You can hear all of them.Have a nice listenning.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hi, dear all!

Many thanks for these fantastic songs which can be useful in our work with children!
I tried to make a presentation which consists the lyrics of the most famous songs in our countries. I'm going to publish it as a document on the Pupils Corner and on my eTwinning Desktop:
Hope that you will like it.
Greetings from Bulgaria, Reny

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Graiul animalelor (What the animals say)

Looking for the Romanian version of the song Old McDonald had a farm I found out this nice song. In our country children learn it when they are 6-7 years old while learning about the animals and what they say.

Old McDonald has a farm (Romanian version)

This is the Romanian version. I hope you will like it. Valerica

Very popular Polish song for children

"We are dwarfs" is a very popular Polish song for children.You can sing and dance showing words this song.So-let's try !

Polish version "Old Mc Donald had a farm"

«Old McDonald had a farm» in Portuguese

Thanks for the 2 versions, Reny.

In Portugal, we also have a lot of musical animals.
The music is the same, the lyric wants to say the same but the human being in the story has a different name: Manel.
The title song is «Na quinta do tio Manel».

Here we go!...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Old McDonald had a farm" in Turkish

Hi, dear all! I'd like to share the Turkish version of "Old McDonald had a farm".
Hope that you will like it a lot. Let's make it for our students. Let's learn more about our partners.
Warm regards, Reny
"Old McDonald had a farm"

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Betina, I added a post called Concursuri by mistake. I wanted to add it on my own blog.... :( What should I do in order to delete it?

Rain rain go away...

Kind regards, Reny

Melc melc codobelc...

Hi, dear all! I'd like to share this Romanian song/ Valy, do you know it?/. It's simple and sweet and look likes another song "Rain rain go away, come again another day..."
Kind regards, Reny

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A way to learn ABC in Portuguese

To Betty and all of us, an exciting way to learn the alphabet in Portuguese...
I liked it a lot, hope you will like it,too
Kind regards, Reny

Noi suntem muzicanti voiosi

Hi, Betina. I talked to my pupils and we decided that the song NOI SUNTEM MUZICANTI VOIOSI is similar to the song you published.

I'll try a translation for you.

We are happy musicians

And we know how to play

We can play the violin

And it sounds like that: tim, tim....

Than is about a trumpet, a guitar. There is another longer version where is a drum, too.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The promissed lyric

Marta asked me the lyric of the song «Master Andrew's shop».
I'm posting it now.
Well, it's not the lyric itself but its idea, ok?

It was at Master Andrew's shop
that i bought a little fife
tiro-liro-lito a little fife

oh ola oh ola
it was at Master Andrew's shop (repeat)

It was at Master Andrew's shop
that i bought a little piano
pim pim pim a little piano
tiro-liro-lito a little fife

oh ole oh ole
it was at Master Andrew's shop (repeat)

It was at Master Andrew's shop
that i bought a little drum
tum tum tum a little drum
pim pim pim a little piano
tiro-liro-lito a little fife

oh ole oh ole
it was at Master Andrew's shop (repeat)

... an then...
a little bell

I post now a different video with this song.
Do you have a children's song like this?

John's ballon

This is the story in the portuguese version of the 1st children's song in the portuguese presentation.
I'm happy because we already conclued that this music is known in different countries.

John's ballon
rises, rises through the air
The boy is happy when he sings

But the wind blowing
takes the ballon up in the air
Then John gets whimper

Friday, 8 October 2010

"Lightly Row"

Here is one more version of this song, "Lightly Row":
Lightly row, lightly row,
O'er the glassy waves we go!
Smoothly glide, smoothly glide,
On the silent tide.

Let the winds and waters be
Mingled with our childish glee.
Sing and float, sing and float
In our little boat!

Far away, far away,
Echo in the rock at play;
Calleth not, calleth not,
To this lonely spot.

Only with the seabirds' note
Shall our happy music float.
Lightly row, lightly row,
In our little boat!

I hope that you will like it.
Kind regards, Reny

"The Blackbird"

It's one of the best Bulgarian children's song.
By the way, there is the same German song, "Little hans" in English:
Little Hans goes alone
Out into the wide world.
Looking great with stick and hat
He is in good spirits.
But his mother cries so much,
For she no longer has little Hans.
Thus the child changes its mind,
Turning back home, swiftly.

Visit the website:änschen_klein and learn more about it.
Kind regards, Reny

European Shark Week 2010- Focus on Finning

Hi, dear all!
I'd like to inform you that the next week /9-17 October/ is the European Shark Week so I'd like to invite you and your children to participate in it. Valerica and I are going to prepare some materials about sharks. I hope that you will make something interesting.
I'd like to share the website: where your students can read and copy some resources.
Kind regards, Reny

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Happy World Teachers' Day, dear friends!

On 5th October was the World Teachers' Day!
I'd like to greet and wish you a lot of health, happiness and good luck!
Be happy!
Kind regards, Reny

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Portuguese presentation

Dear Team

These are the portuguese partners.
I hope you like it.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kindergarten № 1 participates in The Carnival of fertility

Information about myself

I watched Reny's video " Silvie Vartan and Bulgaria " and read to greetings words about me.I felt the need to give a little information about myself.Vidoe is in turkish.I promise i'll translate it to English, soon. Have a nice watching and listening.

Don't cry, only began to thinking for them!

Hey all! Do you know Hachiko's story? You don't live in love if you don't heared.
Today i told Hachiko's story to my mother.She is octogenarian.
She began to craying and said to me that " Who does'nt like animals, people do not.
Can't live in peace with them!".
Once i watch this film who is translated on my mother language.
I can't stop crying...
Please i suggest all of you find this original film and watch it.
We preserve them should protect animals!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

4th October, the World Animal Day

Dear, all! On Monday, 4th October, is the World Animal Day so I'd share with you this video. Many animals in all over the world are in danger. Let's help them to rescue!
Be happy!
Kind regards, Reny

Friday, 1 October 2010

Silvie Vartan and Bulgaria

One of the most famous singers of France Silvie Vartan was born in Bulgaria. Every year she comes back in our country and makes concerts. The Bulgarians like her a lot because Silvie sings very well. I suggest you to listen to " Oblache le bialo","The little white cloud". I'd like to thank Betina for her idea to find and to publish our national children's songs.
Be happy!
Many hugs, Reny

World Music Day - musical greeting of children from Kindergarten № 1 Shumen, Bulgaria

Kindergarten № 1 - we are always first

Happy 1st October

Dear, all!
Today is 1st October, the International Day of Music.
I'd like to share with you one of the most beautiful works of Johannes Brahms- "Hungarian Dance". His music is fantastic and I listened it with my students in class. You can open the link:

Have a nice weekend!
Kind regards, Reny

1st October

Dear Team

In order to celebrate with our pupils and visitors the World Music day, i challenge you to post a national children's song in our blog.
Thank you and have a very nice musical day!

This is from Portugal.

Do you have a song like this?