Friday, 8 October 2010

"The Blackbird"

It's one of the best Bulgarian children's song.
By the way, there is the same German song, "Little hans" in English:
Little Hans goes alone
Out into the wide world.
Looking great with stick and hat
He is in good spirits.
But his mother cries so much,
For she no longer has little Hans.
Thus the child changes its mind,
Turning back home, swiftly.

Visit the website:änschen_klein and learn more about it.
Kind regards, Reny


Betina Astride said...

Fantastic, Reny!!
It's exactly the same children's song! Yes...
In the beginnig of our project i really thought that some of the portuguese children's songs should be the same in other countries in Europe. And it's true, at least in 1 song in 3 countries :-)
Thank you so much.
At the weekend i will translate the portuguese version.

billabung said...

Thanks, Betty! I'm glad that this song is famous so much.
You Portugal, in Germany, in England, in Poland, in Bulgaria...
I think that our children should be know about the different versions of the song and they can learn them.
I'm looking forward your version, too.
Kind regards, Reny

Chisae said...

Hi Reny! I already have a portuguese version. I'm going to post it right now.

billabung said...

Thanks a lot, Betty!
Kind regards, Reny