Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Portuguese presentation

Dear Team

These are the portuguese partners.
I hope you like it.


SP 25 Lublin said...

It's a fantastic presentation!Nice meeting with childrfen from Portugal.Thanks!

Betina Astride said...

Thanks a lot, Marta. We are very happy to be you all of you in the project.

billabung said...

Hi, Betty! Congratulations! Your children are fantastic and the music is wonderful! It look likes the Bulgarian kids' songs.
Thanks a lot!
Be happy!
Many hugs, Reny

svetlapopova said...

We are very happy that we work together. We know the first song of your presentation. Betina, how to send you the song - as mp3 or to make a video? I'll try to translate the text. The song is talking about a blackbird. Best regards from Bulgaria Svetla

Valy said...

Congratulation! I enjoyed watching your presentation. You have wonderful children and a very nice school. I also liked the song, very well chosen to accompany us while watching the video. I'll show it tomorrow to my students too.
I think CHISAE will be a great collaborative project as I saw all of us involved since its "birth". Good luck ,dear partners, and good luck to your students, too!

Betina Astride said...

Thank you all, dear friends.

I was hopefull that some of you could recognize 1 ou 2 children's songs. That's very nice, Reny.

The 1st song, Svetla, is about a boy that missed his ballon into the sky and he cryed because of it; i can send you a video with the song and then you can see if it's the same, ok? you can send me by email in a mp3 format (i think it's easier for you).

Valy, you are so right about our project; thanks againg for you kind words.

billabung said...

It's great that we are teachers who work with pleasure. I'm glad about you, dear friends, and I think that our children will be happy with us.
I'll try to find a video of the song "Blackbird" which as your first song, Betty. It's for the brave bird who tells about your "feats".
Kind regards, Reny