Saturday, 20 November 2010

Happy Birthday Reneta

Dear Reneta

Today is your birthday and i'm here to offer you a gift from all of our Team.

Happy Birthday.
We wish you the best.

Най-добри пожелания (Does this make any sense? :-)


billabung said...

Thanks so much, Betty, Marta, Valy, Raif and All friends! I'm happy that you are the best partners who I've had. Be happy, too!
Best wishes to you and your pupils!
Many hugs and kisses, Reny

billabung said...

PS: Yes, of course, the sentence means that the feelings are great. It means: "Best wishes to you...!".
Thanks a lot!
Kind regards, Reny

Valy said...

Happy birthday!!!!Be happy, enjoy living!

Svetla Popova said...

Happy birthday from me, Reny! Please open your mail! There is a special greeting for you! Svetla

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Happy birthday to you Reny!Vsichko da bade kakto iskash da jiveesh jiv i zdraf.İsprashtam ti nai hubavite usmifki ot İstanbul.

SP 25 Lublin said...

:) Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Reny teacher! :)
Ecem and Buse...