Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Camel here ditch here " İşte hendek işte deve "

Hi, dear Friends!
When i see Reny's post " Alice the camel " i remembered look like this song. Its from Turkish best singer Barış Manço. Turkish pupils like and singging it a lot.They allways sing this song when they are funny and happy.İf you like it you can learn and sing with your pupils. Best regards from İstanbul.


Chisae said...

Hi, Raif. Well, this is a very nice video to say to our pupils what we shouldn't do, isn't it? I like the music and the video is funny. Thanks.

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hi, Betina.Yes you are right.Your diagnosis is correct.This song is teaching to us what shouldn't to do.Best regards.

billabung said...

Hi, Raif! Thanks so much for the great photos from Istanbul!
The video is funny and it wiil be useful about pupils.
Kind regards, Reny

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Thanks Reny, I hope it will be useful.