Friday, 12 November 2010

A record from our celebrate day


billabung said...

Thanks so much for the great video, Raif! Your children are very creative. They are fantastic musicians and singers!
Best wishes to you and to your students, Reny and her pupils
PS: What about the instruments of the children? I don't know anything. Would you like to tell more about them, if it possible?

Chisae said...

Thank you Raif and pupils. It'a a very nice show.
When i was a little girl (so, many, many years ago... hihih) i had a similar instrument; it was a "melodic". Very nice!

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hi, Reny! Many thanks for your words.The instrument's name is " Melodika " its from China " vsichko za edin lev " everything is one $.We haven't more money so that we bought these.

Hi Chisae, thank you.Can you play any instrument?

With my best wishes to all.

Betina Astride said...

You´re welcome, Raif. "Melodika" in Portugal is "mel√≥dica"; it's similar.
Yes, i learned to play accordion when i was a child and during my childhood and youth I also played flute, guitar and organ.
With our project i realize that music has a big space in my heart and also realize that i miss it in my life.
Thanks, Raif

Svetla Popova said...

Wonderful performance! Many musical children! Bravo to the wonderful orchestra! Bravo to the singers! Children, please accept my most sincere applause for the wonderful mood that you create with your performance.I will look forward to listen to your next performance!Svetla - Music teacher from Bulgaria

billabung said...

Thanks so much, Raif! The instruments are cheap but the music is so beautiful...And the children really like it.
Kind regards, Reny

Betina Astride said...

Raif, portuguese pupils liked this video very much.

Ecem said...

This is great video and great performance!
Thanks so much orchestra!
Thanks so much Raif teacher!

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hi Betty,Congratulations, you're so adept at.I didn't know this is food for the soul,isn't it?You have to have spare time to continue playing.I'm so glad for the likes of Portuguese students.

Zdravei gospoja Svetla, Many thanks for your great words.You are encouraged me and my students. What you say,'llmake my students.I think they'll be very happy.

Hi; Reny! ...but it was up to these tools.Cheap meat stew, according to him is going.

Hi, Ecem! Many thanks for your comment.You know we are doing these for students like you.

Dear Friends, pupils and visitors many thanks all of you and your interest and your coments.Being with you makes me happy!