Thursday, 19 May 2011

1 June, International Children's Day

Dear, friends and partners!
On 1 June we celebrate the International Children's Day. Darina and I tried to find out some interesting materials for this famous event. We prepared for you the popular poem of Italian teacher loris Malaguzzi, The Hundred Languages of Children, and a video. Hope that you and your pupils will like it!
Greetings from Bulgaria, Reny, Darina and children
No way.
The hundred is there.
The child is made of one hundred.
The child has a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.
a hundred, always a hundred
ways of listening
of marveling, of loving
a hundred joys
for singing and understanding
a hundred worlds to discover
a hundred worlds to invent
a hundred worlds to dream...


Svetla Popova said...

Reny, thank you for the wonderful lesson. After this short film I'll try to be different. The children I work with are wonderful. But I do not always have enough time to hear them. I try a lot. But I failed because the number of children in groups is over 22. Tomorrow I will start from the beginning - I will have more trust in the children's follies.

Betina Astride said...

Hundred kisses and hugs for all children and for you ;)

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Thank you very much Reny.I felt myself in the side of children.I became like one of them.
Big hug.
Mnogo pozdravi ot priatelski i slanchev ─░stanbul.

billabung said...

Thank you very much, dear friends!
You are so kind!
The child is our love and work!
We should be good teachers for all kids in the world!
Many hugs and kisses, Bulgarian Team