Friday, 1 July 2011

Song Contest Winner

Dear friends here is The Song Contest Winner
The song contest winner of the 9th International Turkish Olympiads, Shohrukh Yunusov - Tajikistan
To understand the feelings expressed in the song you need to know turkish! Let's go to learn turkish.Really come on and start learning Turkish.
Big hug to all learners from ─░stanbul.

You can get the most accurate and current information on this website.Please, if you don't you'll be missed a lot.


Svetla Popova said...

Hello Raif! I thank you for the wonderful song and wonderful performance of talented children from Tajikistan. I do not know Turkish, but I'm sure that this is a sad song. I wish happy vacation to all friends of Turkey. Greetings from Bulgaria: Svetla

Betina Astride said...

Thanks, Raif!
I agree with Svetla :)

billabung said...

A lovely song!
The idea to learn Turkish is great!
Why not? Let's do it!
Best wishes, Reny