Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bulgarian Christmas Carol

We'd like to share these videos with love to all of you!
Be Happy!
Warm wishes, Reny, Darina and pupils :)


Svetla Popova said...

Dear friends from Sofia! We thank you very much for the wonderful holiday spirit you create with your drawings and songs. I would like to ask - who are the two coats that hang on the board - may be of Santa Claus and the Snow Queen? This is a Christmas mystery and joke, right?

billabung said...

Dear Svetle,
Thank you very much for the great comment! Oh, it isn't a mystery but our coats, Darina's and mine!
Be Happy!
Season's greetings, Bulgarian Team :)

Betina Astride said...

Wow! Another group of very nice singers! Thank you so much! :)