Sunday, 17 October 2010

Children's Songs Across Europe- Lyrics

Kind regards, Betina, Reny


Valy said...
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Valy said...

Hi, Reny! Nice work.:) You know how to do a lot of things. I enjoyed reading the translation for the Romanian song MELC, MELC.
If you need further help while translating into Romanian, please ask me. I tell you this because we use letters as ş, ţ, î, ă, â and a pearson who doesn't speak Romanian can't say when and which of them to use. Bye!

SP 25 Lublin said...

Fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try to send English words to song " My jestesmy krasnoludki "-there is only Polish version.

Betina Astride said...

Reny, the merit is yours :-)
Valy's suggestion is very nice.
I don't remeber which song is «My jestesmy krasnoludki», Marty.

(Our names are all getting an «y»!... :-)

billabung said...

Dear friends, thanks so much for the great words! I'd like to say that all of you helped me to create this document and I'm glad that you deserved it. Hope that we will make more fantastic works so our students to be happy with us.
Warm wishes, Reny

Betina Astride said...

I'm sure we will, Reny.