Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Winter Song

This is one of the most popular Christmas songs in Bulgaria. The children like it very much and sing with pleasure.
Kind regards, Reny


Betina Astride said...

Another great song! And it seems easy to sing, mainly the refrain :-)
Thanks a lot.

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hello Reny,Your song is so soft like snow and its very nice. I liked it a lot.Priatni pozdravi ot İstanbul.

SP 25 Lublin said...

Yes, Reny-Raif is right.This song is soft like snow.It's very nice to listen to... and dream.

billabung said...

Thanks so much, dear friends!
I like it, too and my pupils sings with pleasure!
Greetings from Bulgaria, Reny

Svetla Popova said...

Hi Reny! The song,which you propose to our partners is an emblematic - this song is sung by young and older children, their parents and grandparents. You're right - this is one of the most famous winter songs in Bulgaria. Svetla

billabung said...

Thanks so much, Svetle! You know... this song is our dream like kids. We don't forget it... and it will be in our hearts forever!
Специални поздрави за теб и твоите дечица, от Рени и нейните ученици!
Kind regards, Reny

emipop said...

Hi Reny
Great song you suggested. It is rhythmic, cheerful song has a pleasant and easy to learn. Friends in Romania listen to this song with great joy.

maria said...

Hi Reny,
Your Christmas song is joyful and very pleasant. It has the power to warm the soul of our children in a cold winter day.
Thanks for it.

billabung said...

Thanks so much, Emilia and Maria! Best wishes to your children, Reny and her pupils