Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A caminho de Viseu (PT)

Dear Partners and Visitors

This is portuguese children's song.
In a few words it says something like this:
"I'm going to Viseu (a town in the centre country)
i found my love
oh My God!

(then we clap our hands and dance)

When i left Viseu
i leave my love there
and it upsets me"

I've 2 more songs, soon.
Hope you like it!


billabung said...

Well done, Betty!
It's a fantastic song and your "sweet" children sing it very well!
Would you tell us more about Viseu?
We'd like to ask you for the lyrics of the song.
Many thanks for you and for your singers!
Greetings from Bulgaria, Reny, Darina and their pupils

Betina Astride said...

We are very happy you like it!
Of course i can give you the lyrics. As soon as i can, ok?

Viseu is a town in the center os Portugal (i was born near there). It has a lot of landmarks. You can read and get some pictures in this link

Hugs for all

mpetry said...

Very nice song. I think that my students will like this song.Many thanks.

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hi Betina,
My pupils liked so much this song!... and we would like the lyrics of the song.Greetings to you and good singers armful.

Betina Astride said...

Thanks a lot Raif and Turkish' students.
I will post the lyrics as soon as possible.
Hugs for all of you.