Monday, 17 January 2011

"Caretos" from North Portugal

Hello everyone!

This is the video i talked you about, Reny, in the last comment.
It's a little bit long, but it gives the idea.


Svetla Popova said...

Hi, Betty! I watched the movie with interest and I really enjoyed it. Please explain to me - why the masked men hit people in the street. But ... I think your ritual is very similar to our ritual to chase away the evil spirits. I'm not suggesting that between the cultures of different countries has much in common. Or ... we are more alike than different. From Bulgaria : Svetla

billabung said...

Thanks a lot, Betty, for the interesting video! Really, this tradition looks like "Halloween" of Britain, the USA, Canada, etc.It is like Bulgarian "mummer" ritual/"Kukeri/. The men with masks and costumes make the special actions and perhaps they want to chase the evil spirits, they want to "clean" their homes from ghosts, witches and bad people.
I'd like to present this fantastic video to my pupils and hope that they will like it.
Be Happy!
Kind regards, Reny

Betina Astride said...

Dear friends, thanks for your commments.

The "careto" is a very old tradition. Men use masks with big noses and dress clothes like those you watched in the video with bright colors. They are like the devil, so they do "bad things".
But is all for fun.
In the old days, men used this ritual to be near the girls (everything is allowed).

I few information in english (not mine heheh)

See you

Raif VATANSEVER said...

Hi Dear Betina,
I watched this event as a Turkish television news channel.It showed this video.Very attracted my attention.They look terrible but still funny.Many thanks dear friend.

Betina Astride said...

Really, Raif?
Very nice :-)